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Chiropractic Treatment For Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the conditions which are known to be treated by chiropractors. This is a condition which affects the function of the sciatic nerve found around the pelvic area all the way down both legs. This nerve is known to be responsible for all the sensations that people feel on these areas while at the same time it controls movement of the lower limbs.

There are several symptoms which are characteristic of someone going through sciatica. They include lower back pains which progress all the way to either of the feet and in some extreme cases the feet end up being numb. This may make it hard for the affected person to lift up their foot.

When one suffers from sciatica, they are most likely going to get referred to a chiropractor. Such people usually go seeking for chiropractic treatment for this condition.

Here are the steps a chiropractor may follow to treat sciatic pain:


Most chiropractors will go ahead and find out about your medical history. They will also run some tests to try and see if they can get more information as to what may be the main cause of the pain. Once they have analyzed the results then they will be in a good position to come up with a chiropractic treatment plan.

Treatment Plan:

A session with the chiropractor may involve sessions where they focus on trying to realign the spinal column to help in dealing with any pain which one may be feeling due to swelling in between the discs. The sciatic nerve is also an area they focus on to try and ensure that it does not send a lot of pain signals to the nervous system. Each individual visits the chiropractor depending on the seriousness of their particular problem.

Supplement Treatments:

There are other ways of dealing with sciatic pain. They include doing some exercises, taking vitamins and some nutritional supplements. There are some who also use acupuncture to help relieve the pain and in some instances they may also choose to use deep tissue massage to help ease the tension.

Sciatic pain tends to make life very uncomfortable for the affected person. One of the best ways to deal with sciatic pain is by seeking chiropractic treatment. You should probably ask your physician to recommend one for you so as to ensure whoever handles your particular problem is the right person for the job.